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We were happy to receive this helpful information from Sally Margolis and wanted to pass it along to you.


ISLA ANIMALS is a 501C3 organization started in 1999, 100% funded by donations. We have rescued over 5,400 dogs since 1999 and are dedicated to decreasing the unwanted pet population on Isla Mujeres, Mexico through on-going spay/neuter programs, education, vaccinations and adoption. Our Goals:

—>To provide free spay/neuter clinics to help control the animal population on Isla Mujeres.

—>To provide free or reduced cost veterinary services and vaccinations

—>To offer animal foster care and promote adoptions in Mexico, USA and Canada

—>To educate pet owners about humane animal treatment, care and responsibility

—>To do all of the above in the most humane, compassionate way possible



Facebook page:

Alison Sawyer Current (founder) email:


1 – Paypal (Online)

—>You may donate to Isla Animals using your credit card. From our website, you will find our  Donations page: The “Donate” button  will take you to Isla Animals Paypal page. Or direct from the site, you may choose “Send Funds” The email address to use for Isla Animals is:

—>NOTE: Within Paypal you may include a message to us with your donation, and there are TWO donation options on Paypal: 1) A one-time donation 2) A recurring monthly donation


2 – Via Mail (Check/Money Order)

—>Payable To: Isla Animals. Mailing Address: Alison Sawyer, 1750 30th St #197, Boulder CO 80301


3 – In Person Donations Drop-off Locations On Isla Mujeres

—> At Isla Animals. Location: Centro. On the north end. There’s a convention center (Centro de Convenciones) near Playa Norte, anyone can direct you. Take the brick road to the right of the convention center, you will pass Hotel el Secreto and Hotel Media Luna and then veer to the left.  Keep on the same road and turn right before it dead ends. Our house is the big wooden doors, straight ahead. There is a bell to the left of the door: CASA DE LOS VIENTOS.

—> At Barlito Restaurant. Location: Centro. On the corner of Hidalgo & Abasolo. (Open: Tues thru Sat, 8am-3pm)

You may leave with owner, Tiffany Yenawine Wareing. Please include your name and email address with your donation so we can thank you.

—> At the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair (only occurs on the First Thursday of every month, 4pm-7pm). Location: Centro, the town square in front of the Municipal Building, Super-Express, and Church. Isla Animals has a table at the fair.


4 – Donation ITEMS Needed (Donors can email Alison to ask most urgent/current needs)

—-> Chedraui (a big box store in Mexico, Chedraui is located mid-island across from the Baseball field) or Costco gift cards. (Isla Animals uses these two companies to purchase the following: laundry detergent, bleach, dry & canned dog food, chicken to freeze when we have sick dogs, mops and buckets, brooms, zip ties, crates, garbage bags, pedialyte, fungal cream, anti-biotic cream, hand soap, hand sanitizer, cotton, Q-tips)

—> SUPPLIES NEEDED can be found on the Isla Animals website on the Donation page: . Items from this page are listed below:


Medical Supplies Needed:

  • Syringes: 1 cc, 3 cc & 5 cc  *  Surgical Blades:  #15, #11

  • Surgical Gloves:  STERILE, Sizes 6.5 to 8.5

  • The suture that we use has to be the best that we can get. These animals go back to the streets or into dirt, backyards where there is rarely any follow up care. If there is a problem with infection, these animals will suffer, so we are asking for the BEST SUTURE MATERIAL: 0-0 PDS absorbable,  2-O PDS absorbable, 3-O PDS absorbable → These  sutures need a 1/2 curved cutting surgical suture needle. Reels of the same type of suture are also great, we can swag on our own needles.

  • Surgical Instruments  *  Stethoscopes  *  Spay hooks: All sizes  *  Sterile Gauze

  • Sterile Drape ( also, anything made out of drape material that we can cut and sterilize)

  • Betadine Hand Scrub  *  Triple Antibiotic Eye Ointment  *  Needles 18-23 gauge

  • Chlorhexidine  *  Prevails Betadine scrubs #20

  • IV Sets: Micro-drip and Macro-drip  *  IV catheters : 20 gauge, 22 gauge & 24 gauge

  • Antibiotics:  Injectable long acting Amoxycillin  *  Cephalexin  *  Ketoconazole  * Doxycycline 50- 100 ml. tabs (we always need these  the most!!)

Non-Medical Supplies Needed:

  • Muzzles  *  Leashes  *  Slip-Leads  *  Collars  *  Food dishes  *  Zip Ties

  • Animal Vitamins – especially puppy vitamins or supplemental gels

  • Eye drops  *  Ear cleaner  *  Ear drops  * Non-sterile Gauze

  • Fungal cream  *  Antibiotic creams (like Neosporin)  *   Leather work gloves

  • Hair Clippers  *  Clipper blades #40 or #10  * Sharpie Markers

  • Tweezers  *  Scissors  *  Cotton balls  *  Cotton Makeup Remover Pads

  • Duct Tape  *  Tarps  * Towels

  • Cages & Crates – Hard or Soft for transporting animals as carry-on


5 – Volunteering

—> Information about Volunteering on or off Isla can be found on the Isla Animals website on the Volunteer With Us page: Information from this page is listed below:

  • Help with the animals, there is always a need for walking dogs, socializing puppies, bathing and grooming, cleaning and repairs etc.

  • With office work/research/grant writing (this can even be done from home)

  • During spay neuter clinics we need help with trapping, check in and paper work, recovery, organizing and cleaning, plus pick up and return of animals

  • You can volunteer whatever amount of time you can afford and you’ll have a vacation experience that will be fun and fulfilling.


[Created by Sally Margolis for Isla Animals November 17, 2013]


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