Top 7 tips for a successful Whale Shark Adventure Swimming with the Whale Sharks is a majestic experience.  It is one of those adventures that you just don’t miss.

If you happen to be visiting the island between May 15 and September 15, you book a trip for this epic life-changing event.  Ask anyone!  Your survey will convince you quickly that this adventure is a majestic and reminds us that we really are only a small part of this universe.

Here are 7 tips to reserving your whale shark trip.

Top 7 tips in reserving your Whale Shark Adventure

1. Guides

Most of the companies have English speaking guides, but you will want to make sure that you can communicate.  Safety is one thing and understanding the rules, but also getting to know your local guide is fun and entertaining.  There are so many facts about the whale sharks and their history of coming to this area, you won’t want to miss those details.  Remember to review your company on TripAdvisor or their website after you return.

2. Size Matters

Boat size that is.  There are a wide range of companies and this offers all sorts of options.  The biggest difference will be size of boat and boat motors. The Whale Shark sites are about 16-20 miles (more or less) out in the open water to the northwest.  Consider being in a small wooden boat with no shade for 4+ hours.

3. What’s included in the price?

The price of tours can fluctuate a bit, but we recommend tours that are about $100-$125 per person.  This typically offers a boat large enough to get you to the whale sharks quickly and safely without a lot of time to get seasick and to beat the crowds.  They are also usually really connected and so you spend less time searching for the whale sharks.  The companies we use:

  • include all equipment
  • provide an experienced captain and crew
  • have a bathroom on board
  • canopy for shade
  • include water and soft drinks on board along with fresh-made-in-front-of-you ceviche while you snorkel around or swim at Playa Norte.  The iPods playing and everyone is happy and in no rush to get you back.  These trips are usually 8-2pm.

4. Sea Sickness Sucks.

If you are concerned about getting seasick, take the medicine or use the patch or there is even a wristband now.  Your pharmacist can help you with this or we have added some options below.  While on the tour, if you do get sick, make sure you ‘get sick’ over the side into the water and not in the boat.

5. Photo Opps

There are so many reasonable options for underwater cameras these days.  Remember to charge it the night before.  If you are looking for accessories or cameras, we can help.

6. Protection

It is important to use eco-friendly sunscreen to protect the reef and the animals from the chemicals and yourself from the sun.  Natural Biodegradable Water Resistant Sunscreen.

7.  Jump in more than once.

The way it works is that 2 or 3 people jump out at a time and you rotate through.  Make sure you jump in more than just once.

We can help you book the right tour for you through our Activities and Adventures service.

La Peña Apartmentos

La Peña Apartmentos

La Peña Apartmentos Coming this winter!

Imagine waking up to views and stepping out on to the malecon.  Ocean breezes and sunrises.

These are six separate rentals, each are single bedrooms, full kitchens with futon foldouts in the living area and will be 450 to 650 sq ft.



La Peña Construction

La Peña Construction

La Peña constructionLa Peña construction

La Peña ApartmentosLa Peña Apartmentos

La Peña Construction

La Peña Construction

Transportainment on Isla Mujeres is a great way to see the island!

Cruising in a golf cart with an islander is a great way to experience the island.   With fun facts and lots of laughs, this will be 3 hours of your stay on Isla that you will never forget.

Transportainment on Isla Mujeres

Transportainment on Isla Mujeres

Just ask Matt, Shannon and Luke about their trip.  Javier picked them up at Nautibeach and toured the island and beyond pointing out the obvious landmarks around the island, they stopped by the turtle farm and received a personalized guided tour.  Also, they toured local areas of the island where Javi shared his personal stories of growing up as a young boy, barefoot in the sand streets of the island.

Whether your interests are in the geography of the island, economic development, politics of Mexico or just enjoying the view,  this tour is for you.  What you want to see and hear is relevant to your questions and interests.

We offer custom trips starting with the base rate of $60 for 3 hours to cruise the island with a local isleño and see all the sites and hear all the stories of growing up on Isla Mujeres.  We include a cooler of drinks for the tour as well.

Include the Turtle Farm and Hacienda Mundaca with guided tour for an extra $10 per person to cover admittance fees. This can be paid as you decide on the tour.

Have a larger group?  Ask us! We can make this work.

All you have to do is just book your trip.  We will take care of the rest.  Dates and times are subject to availability.

Sign up today for Transportainment!

A Friday on Isla means a Sunset Cruise with Induna Charters for $55.  Reserve your spot here.

Induna Expectations

When & Where
Tours depart at 4:00pm and and ends after the sun sets. Check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure in the bar at Brisas Grill, which is approximately 100 yards north of the Ultramar ferry terminal (Click here for a map). Please don’t be late, we don’t want to leave you on the dock!
What to Expect
A memorable and safe sailing experience for guests of all ages. The number of guests per tour is intentionally limited to half the boat’s legal capacity, so that you can take in this spectacular experience with some elbow room. The sail includes beer, wine and refreshments to compliment the moment. Wear casual clothing and bring a light jacket or sweater in case it cools off after the sun drops. Most importantly, bring your smile…this is vacation at its best!


Departs: Brisas Grill (Downtown Isla Mujeres)
Sail time: 4.00pm until the sun goes down
When: Friday Evenings!
Price: $55 (USD) per person
Induna Charters Sunset Cruise

Induna Charters Sunset Cruise

I just ordered my life jacket for my iPhone! These beach accessories will be great with my new Lifeproof case while relaxing in the water at Playa Norte!

And they will stay sand-free in my Beach Spiker Cup.

Order online at or buy on the island at Estro y lo Otro.

Beach Spiker Cup

Keep your phone, drinks, keys sand free in the beach spiker cup.


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