Isla Mujeres Artist Fair October 17

Isla Mujeres Artist Fair October 17, 2013 4pm-7pm

“An event to celebrate the talent of local & visiting artists on Isla Mujeres.” Isla Mujeres Artist Fair

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If you happen to be on the island the first Thursday of a month, make sure you visit the local artist fair in the square.  To make sure you confirm the date, you can join their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/IslaMujeresArtistFair.  In October, the date will be changed to the 3rd Thursday as to give the new officials of the island time to get things settled as they have taken their new offices as of today.


“In October 2011, Barlito began hosting an Artist Series in front of their bakery & market café on the corner of Hidalgo & Abasolo. Our hope was to make this Series into an Island event. Our wish has come true. Now with the support of the Municipal & the Office of Tourism, the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair will be held in the Zocolo on the first Thursday of every month from 4pm to 7pm. Local & visiting artists share their talents with the residents & visitors of Isla Mujeres.

Our definition of an artist is a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill. We are looking for individuals who create, write, perform, paint, draw, sculpt, sketch, bake, teach, photograph, etc. The artist fair is about individual artists & their talents. Commercial products or people that sell other people’s products are not eligible for participation. 

Barlito is thrilled to have partnered up with Faynes & Soul de Isla to create a spectacular event for the visitors & people of Isla to meet the artists that are inspired by our beautiful Island.” 

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